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Welcome to '2Bucks'an AD™

Advertising Program for Ezine Publishers!

YOU need Subscribers - WE need Publishers!

  • Do you offer your new subscribers a free ad?
  • Are you tired of struggling along on your own, trying to build your subscriber base?
  • Do you want to sell ads, but your circulation just isn't large enough yet?
  • Or maybe, you haven't had any luck getting advertisers, at least not on a consistent basis...

We Can Help!

Participants in this program benefits with:

  • Increase their Subscriber Base! I can promise you LOT'S of new subscribers. And REALLY valuable subscribers. They have all PAID for their ad!
  • Get valuable future customers! Your subscribe confirmation email give you an unique opportunity to tell HOT prospects about yourself and your ezine. And again, these people are proven buyers, ready to spend money for their advertising.
  • Earn a Substantial Income! '2Bucks'™ ads are really easy to sell. You will get 50% commission on sales coming from your link.

I just wanted to tell you that I have been tracking subscribers that come from co-ops such as yours. Those that come from '2Bucks' more often stay subscribed and purchase additional advertising from me. Yours is the best! :-)
I had a list server glitch last week that sent out 40 copies of one mailing. I received 664 emails from people that were screaming spam and cursing me. Not a single one of those people came from you. I'm truly happy with your service. Thanks for a great program!

All my best,
MaLea Caver

KEEP READING.. Here's How It Works:

As you well know, competition is tough for the advertising dollar. And as if that's not enough - advertisers must find you before they can advertise with you!

No easy job on your part. Not when you consider that there are so many ezines out there that you can't possibly keep up with them!!  

That's where we come in.


The '2Bucks'an AD™ Program recruits Publishers seeking subscribers. We provide the benefits listed above, in exchange for a 5- line ad (plus url and email-link), 55 characters per line.  

You will not be asked to run ads for:

  • Get-Rich-Quick
  • Bulk Mail (SPAM)
  • Pyramid Scams
  • Pornography
  • Drugs (Including tobacco and alcoholic beverages)
  • Psychics
  • Gambling
  • Spy Software/programs

The clients are required to subscribe for your Ezine AND you keep them as a subscriber. You can't hold them hostage, but they are yours for as long as they decide to stay on your list - they must request to unsubscribe. Now it's up to YOU to provide the new subscriber with content that interest him/her. I was wrong above, competition is NOT tough, it's extremely tough! There is 1000's on ezines out there. How many do YOU read?
Keep in mind that these people are highly potential future customers for you. They are not "free ad" seeking people, they are paying for advertising, even if '2Bucks'™ an Ad are cheap. Use your conformation/welcome email to tell them about yourself and your ezine. A good tips is to include your price list for sponsor advertising in the welcome email.

Here's How YOU Make Money.

We sell ads in groups of minimum 10 ezines. Some groups contain more. All depends on how many total subscribers a group get. Minimum order is just $10.00 for one group.  Absolutely ANYONE and EVERYONE can afford that! The cost for an ad in an genuin ezine is $1.00 or less! (Even if our name is '2Bucks' an ad. :-)

Members receive 50% of all sales that they refer to us. This includes the reorders. When we say reorders we are referring to customers who order 1, 2, 3 groups, etc. the first time, then come back and order again. You can also use your own ClickBank link to order ads for yourself. With 50% commission on your own sale you will get your own ads for 50 cents each (or less).

Most of our customers reorder numerous times!!

For instance, some may order just 1 or 2 groups the first time, but most of our customers order again and again, until they have gone through the list of participating publications.
NOTE! We also accept repeated ads. That could mean that you will run an ad for a client who is already your subscriber. All publishers have the same chance to earn the commission for that order. Always give the '2Bucks' clients the very best customer service and they may end up as your own solo ad or sponsor ad clients.

If a client use your link, you will receive 50% of each sale!

You are only paid for customers who click on your affiliate link. If they did not originate from you, your compensation is a new subscriber/lead. You still run the ad.

For commission payment you are not dependent on my mood. :-) ClickBank take care of that and send check to you twice a month. You can log-in to your ClickBank account a check your sale stat 24/7.  

Some of our Publishers are in this program for the new subscribers/valuable leads only. That's your choice. If you don't want the money, that's fine with us. If you are interested in earning an income from this program, you must sign up as an affiliate. Sign-Up is free and take 5 minutes. The link will be provided upon acceptance into this program.  

Your ezine will be part of a group:

Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, etc... 

Note that you can belong to one group today and another tomorrow. The groups are changing as new ezine owners join the program. That is to keep the best subscriber base balance between the groups.

Click here to see how the groups are organized. NOTE! There is no links back to Partenon Website from the '2Bucks'™ Website. (We want prospects stay there until they purchase, don't we. :-) The above link will open a new window. Close that when you want to get back here.

Each Publication is placed in the groupdirectory - with E-zine details! Our customers choose which group they want to order from.  

  The directory lists:  

  • Name of your publication
  • Editor
  • Contact email
  • Sample Issue AR (if possible)
  • Website URL
  • Number of subscribers
  • Frequency
  • Brief description

Acceptance Into PAA '2Bucks'an AD™ Program

First you should know that I do all I can to make sure that you are as safe as possible when it comes to the new spam laws. The following disclaimer can be read on '2Bucks' order pages and in the order confirmation all clients get:

DISCLAIMER! By ordering '2Bucks' ads you must accept to subscribe to the ezines in the group(s) you order.
By signing up for ezines in the '2Bucks' program you give express consent to '2Bucks' publishers, and to any third party advertisers who may run advertising in the '2Bucks' Ezines, to receive in-house and third-party advertising from the '2Bucks' ezine publishers.

Change the text to match your own ezine. We save all original orders as proof of subscription for at least 3 months. If you want to feel 100% safe, you should save proof for as long as subscribers get your ezine. You should also use the above disclaimer in your ezine and close to your signup forms on the web.
If you use the above disclaimer it is not a REQUIREMENT to make your list double optin.

Basic requirement to participate in the '2Bucks'™ program:

You need to run your ezine/newsletter at least once per week. Experience has shown that it is very difficult to handle all ads if published less than once per week.

You must have possibility to add the subscribers to your list yourself. That is, if your ezine/newsletter is hosted on a free list server, it can, depending on the list, mean problems for you to get the clients to subscribe.
If you use a list server, that require new subscribers reply and reconfirm their subscription, make sure that you provide clear information. Remember that the advertiser WANT to subscribe. They WANT to check their ad. If they don't subscribe, it's almost always because of bad information.

WARNING! If you have your ezine on YahooGroups or Topica you should ALWAYS consider that as a temporary solution! It's not a question IF but only WHEN they will deactivated you, without explanation. Believe me. During my more than 7 years on line, and several ezines and lists on Yahoo and Topica, I know. It ALWAYS ends with sudden death! Be sure that you make a daily copy of your list. Better is moving BEFORE your list is big. If you want a free mailserver it will always cost you money to move your list, if possible at all.

Sending your ezine from your webhost is not a good alternative either. Especially if you have a huge list of subscribers. Ezine publisher are living a hard life nowadays with mean spam fanatics all over the net. I know personally several ezine publishers who was unplugged both from their webhost and their ISP due to spam accusation and lack of subscription proof. Best is letting a pro mailing list server take care of sending your ezine. They send from their server and save proof of subscription as IP, date etc.

I use Royal Responder to send my 4 mailing lists and they are very reliable. A pro account is only $9.95 per month and you can transfer your list without extra cost. They have also a free option and if you start from zero subscribers that is a good alternative. You can upgrade later when your list is bigger.
Click here and check it out

Your web address must be your own, your own domain or a free server, but NOT some self replicated affiliate webpage. Your web link must have information about your ezine. If you submit a free listserver webpage, you must have a link on that page to your main website.

Your contact email address must be a valid email address. It is very important that '2Bucks'™ ads reach you fast and secure. With almost 100 ezines in the program, bouncing ad submissions cause lot's of extra work for me. Webbased email servers, like HotMail, Yahoo and Bigfoot, are not accepted. I'm sorry, too many returned emails that cause big problems for me.

Customer service is highest priority for me! I personally check all ads before I submit them to the publishers. I do all I can to avoid ads that falls in the above categories. Once you have accepted the conditions of participating in the program, you must run the ads I send you. If you, by any reason, want to quite, please send an email and tell me. Don't just let it go! This is NOT an ordinary affiliate program. This program require that you actively participate! And even if you won't participate in the affiliate program, you will get valuable leads and subscribers. Again, treat them well and many of them will buy YOUR products/services.

If accepted, you will be notified and sent to the member's area. Please read all there very carefully!

As you may well imagine, this advertising is not hard to sell. In fact, our customers are so anxious for this service, our only problem is recruiting enough Publishers to fill the orders! 

It's an INCREDIBLE deal! If you've been on the net for any length of time, you know that advertising in ezines is not cheap. Our customers purchase ads from us for less than '2Bucks'™ each. The least they can purchase is 1 group of ezines.  

May not sound like much, but many, in fact most -  reorder again and again!!

For that price, wouldn't you?

And, many of them end up purchasing advertising at the regular price our members charge! If this program sounds like something you would be interested in, just

click here to sign-up.

It will never cost you anything to participate. Only benefits. New subscribers, new hot leads and, if you join the reseller program, 50% commission on orders coming from your reseller link.

NOTE! Also newly started, smaller E-Zines are welcome to participate in the program.

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Fraudulent actions are ALWAYS reported.

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